Two woman, Anita Holzberg and Ann Wainwright met over the internet with Bill Costley,
their common friend, whose wife Carolin had been Ann's good friend. Starting in
June '09, Anita sent a Cupcake poem to Ann's website cakecakecake, after seeing
the photo of cupcakes. The poem was about her grandson's first birthday party. Ann
liked that and it was the start of a wonderful exchange of poems from Anita to Ann and
Ann with color, photos, and lay-out savvy, presented them to the blog. Now, in 2010,
the two women so alike in spirit and interests, have started BetweenFriends, a new blog
site where they can combine ideas about their worlds. Ann lives in Northern UK
(Teesside). Anita lives in Northern California, Sunnyvale, (Silicon Valley where all the
computers are.) We share our lives on this blog and hope you will comment and share
yours too, dear readers and enjoy the "ride".

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Morning comes Dat 38 - Anita

Morning comes
I sit up straight
No pain 
This is a gift
6 AM
The tragedy of Paris blood bath looms
How secure is anyone anywhere
I watch CNN for hours
The day breaks
For me personally
I must walk as much as I can
There is sadness for the
Attack on Paris
Prayers to the families
Forever in our thoughts

from Ann :)

Monday, 28 September 2015

Fall Comes - Anita

Fall comes
Subtle ways 
Darkness earlier
September is almost out the door
Pumpkins and pumpkin lattes
Halloween costumes
Evie's 4th birthday
A darling granddaughter with perfect pitch
A beauty to see
Fall comes quiet mornings
Lay back afternoons
I salute the change of seasons and just be

The Sky Speaks to me - Anita Holzberg

The sky speaks to me
Her voice is heard over the vines
   that climb the fence in my garden
Her cadence is heard with the wind
The littlest sparrow speaks mountains
And the squirrels that run the telephone wires
Come in full view as my day begins
The sky speaks to me
Like a light-- a lantern in morning time
Of promise and hope
I hear the nuances of a new day
I salute the sunrise

Anita S. Holzberg

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Round about - by Anita

Round about
The robin sings
The chant can be heard throughout
I take my leave
Time and place doesn't contain me
It is the Stars that illuminate my heart and a fleeting past love that brings the gold.

SOFTLY - Anita Holzberg

Softly the crowd disperses
Softly the day begins with toast and marmalade
And the rivers recede 
The birds return
Time and place kiss the universe

Anita Schiffman Holzberg

A poem by Anita

lodged in a particular time and space
we send messages to sky
the beautiful bird captures it
we are amazed that the universe speaks
like live internet wires without shocks.

Anita S. Holzberg

Sunday, 30 August 2015

By Anita - Renovation

Hammering and sawing
 noise and clatter
Out with the old fifty year old windows
 in with the new
I watched and it was like a movie set.
The beautiful new white windows replaced shoddy ones
A patio door all white and gleaming with a screen to feel the breeze
The living room came alive with bigger windows as the green plants of the yard shown through
So beautiful
and the crew that did easy to work with
The house takes on a new look.....shining and bright.

Anita Schiffman Holzberg

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lasting Friendship - Anita

In a wink of an eye
I meet you again
Your face radiant
Your laugh lines present
Your heart on your sleeve

In a flutter of a robin's wing
I see you again
Your mood not so good
Your eyes crying
Your forehead drooping

Lasting friendship
 We view colors
 We are the we
We see the nuances of a life

Not too many can we call good friends
The ones I have, I cherish
I support them in their darkest moments
I celebrate with them in their joy
I am grateful for they grace my life

Anita Schiffman Holzberg

Thursday, 19 March 2015

ringing true - Anita Holzberg

Ringing true to the curtain of humanity
 Cats have it all
   an independent life style
   a simple need for food and water and stroking
   a purr of happiness
Mocha sleeps on the pillow next to me
I get up several times a night
She stays there
Waiting for me to return
I stroke her and she purrs
Sometimes a paw goes on my arm
That cat is amazing
The life we lead together and a part

Starting Out - Anita

When I start a new day
I light a candle
I say a prayer for my returning health
  for my dear daughter Emily
I begin my day feeding my cats
  who a chirping before they get their food
I walk 300 steps and sit down and drink my coffee
I eat a fig bar
I reconsider my options
The greatest gift is the silence I have
Living alone has its advantages
I write a few lines
I discover my soul on these lines
I call a friend in Chicago
We laugh we cry we are like sisters
I begin my day so quiet
You can hear a pin drop in the forest of angels.


Anita Schiffman Holzberg

On This Day - Anita

On this day
I repent not
I wallow not in pity
I pass on negative thoughts

On this day
I follow the lead of my cat
Looking for her patting
Purring with gratitude
Waiting to be fed

On this day
I take a simple life
read "Under the Wide and Starry Sky:
About the life of Robert Louis Stevenson
and his wife Fanny
I read til the cows come home
I do my taxes
I make amends to sky

On this day
I rotate my tires
I eat a fig bar
I simply look at my garden
My geraniums are blooming
The sky is clear
The day is brimming with good ideas
It's going to be a great day!!

Anita Schiffman Holzberg

Often - Anita Holzberg

  I take the high road
I look at memory
I remember what it is to remember
I write a few lines before 6 AM
I pray as the sun rises
I ride into the eyes of my grand kids
I hold clay in the palm of my hands
I sit in the seat of angels
       and rejoice!

Anita Schiffman Holzberg

Blueberry Coffee Cake for breakfast - Anita

Hobees in Sunnyvale
I never knew it was here
We breakfasted on once over easy eggs
Blueberry Coffee Cake and hash browns
A breakfast to die for
I took that blueberry coffee cake home
on a week when no carbs was king
I broke my diet and it was good so good.

I focus on what matters
Emily got a place to live
I celebrate the morning and the time
I have to open my mind
Standing tall
I exercise on a wall
I wrap my fingers around some yarn
I paint a picture
I stop to hug the memories of my grand kids in this house
A month ago
Their shouts of laughter...playing ball in the yard, eating cake, playing the piano
Vibrant tones to make my morning.
How about You?

Anita Schiffman Holzberg

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Morning Time - Anita

In the morning time
 I drink my cocoa
  I feed my cats
I write my kids about Passover
I review my life
I stand at attention
I order a work out outfit
I think about returning to the gym
I watch a video of Owen skiing
I see him glide effortlessly
A natural
I take my chances
I order Instantcart
   lox and a roasted chicken
I think of things big and small
I wonder what summer will taste like
I embrace my life
It is pretty wonderful
How about Yours.
Have a beautiful day!

Ode to 70 Years - Anita Holzberg

70 years is not that much
not even a century
not even 3/4 of a century
70 years.....
hum ho hum
I lived, loved, cherished, sweat the small stuff
pondered over life and death situations
talked my way into everything
stood at attention in the classroom
nurtured my dear daughters til they now are nurturing me
married 25 we talk like old friends
lived a lot of places
traveled to Europe 3 times Mexico, Hawaii, Canada
wrote rimes  of poetry
over 7,000 poems but whose counting
did a CD for perfection
Hugged my nieces and grand nieces and nephews
laughed with my sister and cried too
sat in Torah class and learned a lot
Played mah jongg every Monday and loved the women
Played the piano and made up songs
Taught Misaki English through science and colors
Petted Mocha my cat as she found a spot on my bed
Fed Picchu for 7 years now in the yard
Held my head high
Cherished my Owen and Evie every day...
The true flowers of my life
Honored my daughters and son in laws for their strength and courage
Sat in my chair and in my garden
I savored these moments with my hazelnut coffee
Walked 1,000 steps in my house
Swam miles with my heart
Danced with my friends who I hold close
With friends like Karen you can go everywhere
Connected with Stephie, my camp friend of 50 years
70 years is what it is
I embrace it and the life I have lived
and Continue to continue
In that fashion and then some.

Anita Schiffman Holzberg

A New Day - Anita

In truth
 the turtle does not see her spots
        the monkey does not really laugh
  Picchu's voice is hear over the stillness of morning
  Time the great executioner

     today is my friend's funeral
     He died in a fire in his house
      Tragic and sad
     I go to honor him
     My feet are bad
     But I still go

the salamander slithers
  the frog jumps
  the earth worm moves through mud

the day begins with memory
 the night is over
the black and white sequences of silence
 cover my face

How about You?

Anita Schiffman Holzberg

Restless - Anita

I salute the morning
  quiet time to write my heart
I salute the memory of the Shatz house
   that I visited many times to celebrate holidays
They were my second family, my home
I salute Phyllis whose words and deeds were enormously beautiful
I salute Sol whose brilliance shone like a star in the midnight sky

They are gone now.
 they took me in when I had no where to go
 they comforted me
 I walked with Phylis ten years
We talked about everything

I celebrate Joel and Tami and Neal
They were my family
I want to be there for them
Even now.

Anita Schiffman Holzberg

In Truth - Anita Holzberg

In truth the door bell rings but twice
In truth the hurt we have mends
In truth the swinging door returns
We are humble what is G-d's plan

In truth the day will be sunny and cold
How appropriate for a funeral
In truth time will pass and heal all wounds

We stand at attention
Our minds are fixed
We are fully aware of what happened

In truth the day begins with Memory
I loved the Shatz family like my own
I loved their caring and kindness

Take what you can
give what you can

Life is about that
And nothing more.

Anita Schiffman Holzberg

Poem for Jim - Anita

The stars are not gone
   The heavens prevail
The time we have is limited
The beauty of the moments
  will not escape my face
The beauty of Jim Becker
  I knew him for 7 and one half years
We sat one night in the camper drinking coffee
We laughed a lot
We covered many topics
We learned how to be together
It was easy
Once over easy
And life was so good
I could taste it
Even Now.

JIM - by Anita

So much to say about Jim
   his humor, his devotion to Catholicism, his playing the clarinet, his dog
            his character of integrity, his ability to teach himself everything and others
  He was my lover, my teacher, my best friend
 Love poems said it all
 We shared a life of milk and honey
 Ate dinner, walked the dog, Cocoa
 In the end all you have is your memories
 I take them forward
 7 and one half years of my life
 In the presence of this man
  Everyday the back and forth phone calls
  Every night the dinners
  Coffee and vanilla ice cream with strawberries
  In the den
  Mr. Lexus loved his car
  And now he has gone to Heaven to be with the angels
  Let G-d carry him to a place of peace and blessings
  He was a blessing!

ONCE - by Anita

Once the moon was yellow and the sky dark
Once the family was here growing up
Once the cat was Misty and Ginger
Once the piano sang its Broadway songs
Once the day begins with memory
The night a curtain for tomorrow
I take these moments....sequences of silence
They grace my face
My wonder now is the present
My wonder now is the beating of the wind rain and shadow
My wonder is the rising sun as I greet each day
One step at a time.

Anita Schiffman Holzberg                                                                                                             

Out of the Silences - Anita Holzberg

Out of the silences
 I take my leave
The world is not awake
My cats follow me and wait for food
I drink my Keurig donut shop coffee
I eat a few Sandies cookies dunking them in the coffee
I read my e mail
I order some magazines
Life is good
The feet are fine
Last night Claire came and put in a laundry
Last night Mocha slept so close I had no room on the bed

In the silences
I usher in peace
I hold these moments precious
Before the day begins
Before the night disappears
Before the sun rises
Before the mind gets cluttered
Before the beating of the wind, rain, and shadow
I am home.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Thoughts - by Anita

riding into day
  no daylight yet
I get a hop skip and a jump on the day
My Mocha by my side
A cup of hazelnut coffee
Songs of yesteryear
My birthday is almost here
I can feel the excitement
24 long stemmed red roses grace my table
from my neighbor and friend
love is everywhere
Can you hear it, feel it ?
I cut the stems
I put them in a bag
The beauty of moments like these
When silence is so sweet
from Ann :)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Welcome by Anita

A white orchid blooming in my living room
  The flowers all 7 of them take over a table
A tree planted itself with white flowers
A cloud rolls over in its white and grey tinge
We can paint pictures of our surroundings
As they float by
The mind notices their beauty
Welcome home.
Have a colorful day!

In the Process - Anita Holzberg

As the sun covers
  I walk 300 steps
Mocha on the path with me
I open doors with my mind
Think of dancing, walking downtown in Palo Alto,
   walking to my far corner
Promises and dreams count
I begin my day 
Always looking forward
A robin on my shoulder.

Friday, 23 January 2015

In The Process - by Anita

As the sun covers
  I walk 300 steps
Mocha on the path with me
I open doors with my mind
Think of dancing, walking downtown in Palo Alto,
   walking to my far corner
Promises and dreams count
I begin my day 
Always looking forward
A robin on my shoulder.

Have a beautiful day!

from Ann :)

Friday, 3 October 2014

Rain - Anita

White rain
 wind and shadow
red rain
 soft and fleeting
purple rain
  undulating and ominous
green rain
   springs and memory
yellow rain
   sun-filled and showering

We walk in the rain
Sometimes fierce, sometimes romantic

Like shadows we seek
Undercurrents of a past life

In This Morning - Anita Holzberg

Cool sunless dark morning
Fall scurries in
The pumpkins are already in the stores
The squash is going to be a soup
In this morning
When there are no chirping of the birds
When silence pervades this house
I feed my cats
The past rushes in
Fall was my opening of the first day of school
Fall the Jewish holidays
Fall, resolutions and promises
I promise to live life fully
To catch the shimmer of light
To stand tall
To be a friend to all
To never be a shadow
To become something more every day
What about You?

Anita Schiffman Holzberg 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Poem by Anita

 cool 56 degrees
time is marching
Fall mornings
September is a month of new beginnings
August 31, my daughter's birthday
39 years young
Neighbors coming today
Appetizers in the yard
Lemonade and brie
chips and bean dip
coconut shrimp
sandwiches from Whole Foods
Mini tarts
Beer and wine flowing
Can I ask for more?

Anita Schiffman Holzberg

clutter - Anita

clutter comes softly
  not all of a sudden
ooh ah the kitchen table can't be seen
ooh ah the kitchen counters are non existent

Removing clutter is painful
One piece at a time
Sometimes don't know where it should go
A 5 bedroom house for one person
All closets packed

Clutter is somewhat shameful
How did I get all this mess
Was I sleeping?

Removing clutter, the spaces cleared
is cathartic
Until we meet again.

In This Moment - Anita Holzberg

In this moment
 when sky begets sky
when swallows touch other trees
time moves us
we are never the same
I don a thicker skin to ward off the deamons
I enter into a peaceful retreat
where meditation and bliss are encountered
In almost 70 years I review my life
so much of it was poetry
4 lovers
2 grand kids
2 daughters
1 husband
   published somewhat
shadows the day with pain in the knee
I keep on going
like a deer stepping slowly
always getting to my destination

How about You?

Anita Schiffman Holzberg

Recolor your life - Anita

If we could recolor our lives
 I would start out in orange and go to green
I would reinvent my many loves
I would stand at another beach and watch
  the waves of my childhood
I would sell my soul to the highest bidder
I would play mahjong til dusk
I would enjoy my sunset years
I would never speak the word, "old"
I would cherish friends as family
I would redecorate my soul
I would find happiness in every day
I would embrace memory and the present
I would breathe freely

This I hope for my dearest friends.